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Indigena Blueberry Bliss Body Treatment at Monastery Spa & Suites

Indigena Blueberry Bliss Body Treatment at Monastery Spa & Suites

Winter brings colder, drier weather. Along with the temperature change, you may notice some differences in your skin. Dry, perhaps flaky, and possibly even a little dull thanks to dehydration, thank you, winter... not.  

Luckily, I had the opportunity to try the new Blueberry Bliss Body Treatment at the Monastery Spa and Suites. So new in fact, it isn't even listed on their website yet!  

The Blueberry Bliss Body Treatment is a collaboration between both the Monastery Spa and Indigena, a local skincare company. It was created by aesthetician, Denise, who has been in the business for over 12 years along with Monastery Spa Manager, Mandie. This treatment is completed entirely with Indigena Skincare Products, some of which are exclusives to the Spa. 

View of the Front Desk at Monastery Spa & Suites.

When I first entered the Spa I was greeted by a friendly spa attendant who took my coat and led me upstairs to the change room. Once upstairs I was offered a robe to change into and a locker for my belongings. 

After slipping into the robe I made my way to the Vichy Shower room, where my treatment was to take place.  This room features the Vichy Shower, as its name might suggest. This is a gentle warming rain bar, which has 6 shower heads. The Vichy Shower is the only one of it's kind in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Denise, aesthetician at Monastery Spa & Co-creator of the Indigena Blueberry Bliss Body Treatment.

Once in the room, I met my aesthetician, Denise, who performed the treatment on me. Of course, Denise had me fill out a form to inform the staff of any allergies, injuries or other health concerns that would prevent me from receiving the Blueberry Bliss Body Treatment. Once this was complete, it was time for the fun part!

Denise instructed me to lie on the bed face down and cover myself with a towel she provided. Following this, Denise used her hands for a full body compression, which I would compare to a light massage. 

Next up was a full body dry exfoliation, using a dry brush. If you haven't heard of dry brushing before it's not only great for getting rid of dead skin, but also provides lymphatic drainage. 

Once my skin was fully exfoliated, I enjoyed a full body massage using the Blueberry Bliss Soufflé. This product is a new body moisturizer from Indigena Skincare that was designed exclusively for Monastery Spa's Treatment. Its scent is citrus like and reminded me of other Blueberry Bliss products I've tried from Indigena Skincare, which happen to be some of my fave products they hand-make! 

Blueberry Bliss Soufflé in action. 

Blueberry Bliss Soufflé in action. 

Following the Soufflé, I enjoyed a full body mask. This was done with a warm mixture that I would compare to Indigena's Blueberry Bliss Masque, however, it is a product that is unique to the Monastery Spa. When my treatment was complete I had the chance to ask Lisa, Indigena Owner, a few questions. I inquired about the body mask and was told that while it has similar ingredients, it is not the same and has been designed specifically for the body.

Indigena at Monastery Spa10.jpg

Once my body was covered in the Blueberry Treatment I was wrapped up tightly. I thought to myself, this is what swaddled babies must feel like #SORelaxed.  

Indigena at Monastery Spa16.jpg

While I was enclosed in my cocoon of towels and sheets, the Vichy shower was turned on and warm water rained down on me. I was treated to a relaxing scalp massage and I can honestly say it was heaven. For a few minutes I even forgot a camera was there capturing the moment. 

Indigena at Monastery Spa19.jpg

Sadly, all things come to an end and after 10 minutes or so, it was time to wash the mask off. Denise lightly massaged off the product with the help of another shower head.

To end the treatment and leave my skin with a little bit more moisture I was spritzed with Indigena's Land & Sea Hydrating Mist. This product is created using Newfoundland iceberg water, it's pretty amazing stuff! 

Overall this treatment left my skin feeling silky smooth, hydrated and me feeling relaxed and stress-free! I would recommend to anyone looking for a calming experience. However, next time I'm leaving the cameraman at home lol.

Would you like to win an Indigena Blueberry Bliss Body Treatment at Monastery Spa & Suites?! Head to my Instagram & Facebook :) 

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